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Wahed Khakdan, a hyper-realist painter, held its first painting exhibition in 1974 at Seyhoun Gallery in Tehran. In 1978, he created works with social content and current issues and held exhibitions. Simultaneously with these activities and using his father's teachings, he designed costumes and puppets for theater and television, including • Doll design for magic beans directed by Ardeshir Keshavarz. Shahr Theater 1980 • Costume and mask design for green-loving children, directed by Reza Jian. Theater City 1981 • Stage and doll design for the TV play The Firefly Story directed by Ardeshir Keshavarz. 1983 He then emigrated from Iran... (More)
Ayoub Emdadian has ten solo exhibitions in Iran and other countries and has been awarded (1998 Painting and Sculpture Hall) in the Savini-France, also nominated as the second painter and awarded by the town of Mansi. He got a bronze medal from the European International Grand Prix for prestigious arts. Ayoub Emdadian started his journey when he was a child. He says: "My prominent legend is nature, especially Azerbaijan, which inspires me! I have never distanced myself from nature since I was a child. I believe that there are always new things to discover and learn in nature, but my... (More)
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Oliver Horvei
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Focus on your impact! Achievements do not actually tell the hiring managers too much - the impact you had on various projects is what matters. 

Describe how your work on a project significantly impacted the company, role, or the team. It doesn't matter too much what level this work was at. If you have ever been employee of the month, achieved something through volunteering or even in a school project, then describe the impact you had on the result. 

Awards and achievements are not as important, especially not when you are just starting out!